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Community of Christians ​around the World!

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Empowering Faith Beyond Borders

Access resources, prayer support, and ​fellowship anytime, anywhere, breaking ​down barriers and uniting believers in a ​global community rooted in Christ, love ​and faith.

What s Special About Alerci
Image about Alerci: Community of Christians around the World! Woman reading the Bible.

Bible, Maps and Hymns

Everything you need to study the ​Holy Scriptures in depth with ​audiovisual material and original ​languages (Hebrew and Greek).

Image about Alerci: Community of Christians around the World! Man holding the Bible.

Alerci: Biblical Counselor

Who searches for verses, topics, ​answers your questions, supports ​you in your advanced studies and ​encourages you to achieve your ​spiritual maturity.

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Local and Plus

Find different local Assemblies or ​Christian Congregations, around ​the world with healthy doctrine.

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United in Faith, ​Connecting Hearts and ​Strengthening Soulss

Who are the Founders of Alerci
Image about the Founders of Alerci: CEO Cristian Cortés and COO Beatriz Isler.
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Cristian Cortés and Beatriz Isler are a married couple, who have worked together for 15+ years ​in different health, education, technology and innovation startups, who complement each other ​and share values (excellence, integrity and deep respect for the service of people), adapting ​constantly to achieve its purpose: Salvation, Health and Freedom become a Reality!

Creators of the first Virtual Therapists, Global Health Insurtech with Virtual Doctors (Zallud), ​Community of Christians around the World (Alerci), First Political Social Network in the World ​(Qolitica) and Platform and App Development Agency with Artificial Intelligence (Gepardo).

Photography of Cristian Cortés Fernández.
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CEO at EHT DAO. Physical Therapist, Bachelor of Kinesiology. ©Master in Physical Therapy, ​Minor in Psychology and Diplomas in Rehabilitation, Exercise, Health and University Innovation. ​Sherpa and Instructor in “Evidence Based Entrepreneurship & Lean Innovation (EBELI)”. Former ​Singularity University Ambassador Santiago Chapter. “ExO Entrepreneur LATAM” for the ExO ​Community Award. “Fifty of the Most Influential Voices in Healthcare” for Medika Life, “Top 50 ​Global HealthTech Thought Leader and Influencers on Ecosystems” for Thinker 360 and “Top ​200 Exponentialists in Digital Health”.

Photography of Beatriz Isler Muñoz.
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COO at EHT DAO. Physical Therapist, Bachelor of Kinesiology. © Master in Physical Therapy ​with Diplomas in Rehabilitation, Exercise and Health, with experience as a University Professor ​and Researcher in Human Functionality, Digital Health and Aquatic Therapy. She did an ​International Clinical Internship in Hydrotherapy. She coordinated the “Choose Living Healthy” ​program of the Ministry of Health; However, her greatest achievement is to form a beautiful ​family (husband and four children), balancing her life as an entrepreneur. In 2022, it was ​recognized as a "Digital Health Champion" by the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank).

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What Do Our Users Think
Testimonials about Alerci.

“This Platform is great, ​because it allows me to ​study the Bible ​systematically and learn ​the Hymns that we sing in ​our Assembly.”

Photography of Charlotte Anderson.

Charlotte ​Anderson

Testimonials about Alerci.

“I use Alerci a lot, to ​develop my studies and ​learn about a particular ​topic or verse. I know ​that Alerci will always ​give me an answer or ​advice based on the ​Bible.”

Photography of Andrés Fernández.

Andrés ​Fernández

Testimonials about Alerci.

“Everything we need for ​the spiritual ​development of our ​family in Christ. Plus, my ​kids love Sunday School ​Classes and Choirs!”

Photography of Gabriela Ramírez.

Gabriela ​Ramírez

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